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Table of contents

Table of Contents


Each week we invite community members to help test RNode.

  • When - Tuesdays at 15:00 UTC
  • Where - This meeting takes place online using Zoom
    • Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
    • Or iPhone one-tap :
          US: +16468769923,,134156866# or +16699006833,,134156866#
    • Or Telephone:
          Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
              US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
          Meeting ID: 134 156 866
          International numbers available:
  • Additional communications are posted in #node-testing on the RChain Discord.

What you can expect this week

We look forward to introducing use of vdag to visualize the blockchain. Having these visualizations supports debugging efforts. We will spend time to introduce this tool and help everyone on the call get started. 

We would like to walk through a simple scenario to look at how validators in this testing network build the blockchain.

Work completed since the last testing session

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Instructions for testing today

Read documentation for RChain Doctor

Please read the RChain Doctor RDoctor documentation. We will use this software and tools to support collecting logs from nodes participating in today's testing session. We're still using the Docker installation for this tool. If you are able to use, please do. If not, no worries (smile). We'll have a new option available next week.

The session key for today is 


Read the documentation for visualizing the blockchain

One of the challenges of debugging is seeing what's happening when validators propose new blocks. We now have the ability to ask RNode to generate a text file that when pasted to Graphviz can generate an image. Please see 'visualizing the blockchain' in User guide for running RNode.

Install RNode

Note If you used a previous version of RNode, please delete your existing .rnode directory. Most errors experienced using RNode relate to content in the directory from a previous version.

RNode version for this session

Today's version RChain Node 0.8.1 (345b5d43cd2c8824cf14343e4ac8e698cd383343)

Select a validator key or generate one 

To select a key set

To generate a key set

Report your public key

We would like everyone to join today's network as a known validator. We need to know your public key to update the bonds file. Please report your public key in this form.

Only deploy these Rholang contracts

We've learned recently there is a bug related to Rholang contracts attempting to use the same channel and creating conflicts when deployed simultaneously. For this testing session we will only use the following, non-conflicting contracts: Simple-test-channel.rho (attached) or Dupe.rho

View file

Share your experience

You best support the improvement and development of the RChain platform when you file a bug to report challenge you faced or unsuccessful outcomes. This will help us collect all relevant information to better understand your setup and experience. 

Testing session summary

During this testing session we demonstrated how to use the vdag tool to visualize the blockchain. We then created a network of known validators at genesis to build a block chain. This was successful. We were unable to bond a new validator and know this was related to bonding files that do not match the current state of the platform. At the end of the session, testers submitted their diagrams for the dev team to review.

Bugs filed

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Chat log

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  • Tomáš
  • Christian
  • Dom
  • Jake
  • Jacob
  • Joshy
  • Kayvan
  • Kent
  • Ned
  • Nuttzipper
  • Paolo
  • Pawel
  • Steve
  • Tomislav
  • Will
  • Kelly
  • Liu Xiu