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Comment: Notes from July 24 testing session

Table of contents

Table of Contents


Each week we invite community members to help test RNode.

  • When - Tuesdays at 14:00 UTC
  • Where - This meeting takes place online using Zoom
    • Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:
    • Or iPhone one-tap :
          US: +16468769923,,134156866# or +16699006833,,134156866#
    • Or Telephone:
          Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
              US: +1 646 876 9923 or +1 669 900 6833
          Meeting ID: 134 156 866
          International numbers available:
  • Additional communications are posted in #node-testing on the RChaing Discord.

What you can expect this week

We will work with the dining philosopher's and deadlock example from the Rholang tutorial.  We are attempting to reproduce 

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serverSystem JIRA

Steps for testing

  • Someone will deploy this code as a contract and propose a block
    • If this reproduces the bug, testers are to capture the log output
      • To capture logs from Docker 

        Code Block
        docker logs <container name>

      • To capture logs from Linux copy the output from STD out
    • Either add logs to pastebin or save as a file
    • Add logs (pastebin link or file attachment) to RHOL-525

We will do this multiple times to attempt to reproduce the bug.

Configure your network

See RNode supported network configuration for information on how to configure your network to connect to other nodes.

Installation packages

Please install RNode prior to the start of the testing session. We will be using a special version of RNode for this test.

Note - At this time RNode does not run successfully in Docker on MacOSX. This is because you must run Docker with the host networking option.  By default, Docker runs in network bridge mode.  To use the host networking option, you must include the 'network=host' option  in your Docker run command. This flag does not work on MacOSX.

Code Block
docker pull rchain/rnode:testing

Installation and running instructions

Please see User guide for running RNode for installation and running instructions.

Other requirements

Get the example Rholang code

Review the dining philosopher's and deadlock example in the Rholang tutorial. Find the code here.

Select a validator key

Run instructions

Please see User guide for running RNode for run instructions. 

Bootstrap node address

We are using the testing bootstrap node today. Please use the testing address shown on RNode bootstrap addresses

Share your experience

You best support the improvement and development of the RChain platform when you file a bug to report challenge you faced or unsuccessful outcomes. This will help us collect all relevant information to better understand your setup and experience. 

Testing session summary

(To be updated during the testing session)We were able to recreate the bug found in RHOL-525. Logs were either added to the ticket or sent via email to Michael Birch.

Bugs filed

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serverSystem JIRA
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Chat log

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  • Jeremy Busk
  • Enzo Zheng
  • Michael Birch
  • JLeonY
  • Seth Bailey
  • Glen Braun
  • Will Qiu
  • Mateusz Probachta
  • Medha
  • Alexander
  • David Asamonye
  • Dror Dayan
  • JOshy Orndorff
  • Justin Yashouafar
  • Kent
  • Mateusz Probachta
  • Paolo Donor De Meo
  • Peter Finn
  • Karenmoskowitz
  • Matthew Kaye
  • Chenxi Cai
  • Jonathan Kochmer
  • Mao
  • Vivo Xplay3S
  • Jimmy