Rholang SDK 0.1


Provide a mechanism for users to author Rholang smart contracts, compile and run these contracts on the Rosette C++ VM. 

Done when:

  • Rholang contracts can be authored and compiled.
  • RBL programs run on Rosette VM easily.
  • Users can download a Docker image, install it and are up and running with their Rholang Dev environment to write contracts.

In more detail:

  • Docker image that has the development environment pre-configured.
  • Defects discovered in C++ Rosette may be deferred / addressed in Roscala

What is needed:

  • Website: /wiki/spaces/RCHAIN/pages/126517249
    • What's unique about Rholang
    • Getting started documentation
    • Installation and running instructions
    • Rholang specification - Replaced with a 'what works and what doesn't document in readme.md
    • Pointed specific examples of contracts.
    • Contributing / getting involved section
    • Download link (location) - Comes with Docker
  • Docker container that has Ubuntu 16.04 environment
  • Rholang Compiler -Ubuntu 16.04 distribution
  • Rosette C++ VM
  • Recommended editors (and syntax highlighting for Emacs/Vim)

Other tasks:

Jeremy Busk

  • Mailing list - Jeremy to advise if forum software provides mail list functionality.  Fewer discussion boards == better → Deferred for forums
  • Create a GitHub repo for website code. - Deferred - Jeremy has backups
  • Jeremy to get the empty forums configured → Coming soon
  • Set up GitHub and deploy the site to the production environment. - Site is on the production environment, but the scripts are not configured.  Jeremy to do it next week - Deferred
  • Jeremy Busk: Set the sites up in separate containers, and wiki documentation for the same.  Infrastructure as code.
  • Create vanity urls

Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed)

  • SDK package
  • Docker mac testing done - Chris issued a PR with a fix.
  • Tutorial: Finalized content from Mike - delayed until next week.
  • iPad testing - Medha - tomorrow afternoon.
  • Chrome, Safari -
  • OSX testing - Safari, Chrome

Steve Werner

  • Side Nav for Rholang tutorial- stub in for look and feel - Done today
  • Updated Tutorial content to match: https://github.com/rchain/rchain/blob/master/rholang/doc/rholangtut-0.1.md - Done today
  • Steve to do browser testing -after content push tomorrow afternoon
  • Push fresh content tomorrow afternoon
  • Hamburger menu for mobile. - Sub menus not working yet.
  • Apply css to forum so it looks good. → Deferred
  • Forum 'Coming Soon' Page
  • SEO basic stuff -make sure google can crawl the pages
  • Google analytics - get it configured and tested.
  • See if we can incorporate the CoOp’s newsletter sign up.
  • Define Vanity Urls

Daniel Grachanin (Unlicensed)

  • Work on the FAQ - copy will be ready tomorrow.
  • Define vanity urls

key summary assignee status sprint

LeadKyle Butt


Start Date 
Release Date 


Lucius MeredithCEO- CoOp 
Nash FosterCEO- Pyrofex 

Action Items:

  •  Kyle Butt: Please review this milestone & provide feedback.

Launch Readiness Review:

  • Is the code of high quality?

  • Show the release to the membership

    • Trial run: In Dev Standup with Greg 

    • Forum: Community hangout

    • Review documentation about the release

    • Demo to Members

  • Merge to Master
  • Cut the release in Github
  • Create Docker download link

  • Publish to the web & Community

Open Issues affecting the release

key summary status