2019-01-07 Meeting notes: contract deployment and signing


Jan 7, 2019


  • @Kelly Foster

  • @Ovidiu Deac

  • @Former user (Deleted)

  • @Lucius Meredith

  • @Joseph Denman

  • @Chris Boscolo


The mechanism by which the genesis contracts are signed is not clear and there is not much documentation on the subject or, at least, not everybody is aware of its existence.

For example the MakeMint.rho contract has the following comment at the beginning of the file:

//Registry info: // sk: a300690f29ac6385917cb94bf534f9b4163792ef8636c5db44608a77fa0356c2 // pk: d9ba2075d355755060205605f4cdbd5ecd3cce5ed1f39690f34772f7c9aa30ab // user == pk // timestamp: 1539969637029 //Resulting unforgable name: Unforgeable(0xdf2886c69e880d611d9c609d5ea51a59e43a684f3a587b233be034dace00d092) // ==> signature data == 2a3eaa013b0a0d2a0b10feffffffffffffffff010a2a5a280a243a220a20df2886c69e880d611d9c609d5ea51a59e43a684f3a587b233be034dace00d0921001 // ==> signature == 36229e3f4530c15f3b7c1d9165369201b70b4673289a003652af14b436b20a275d5909d6dfbbd06e685292d39eadf3af11db6f882dcc78ef0b794e6da0ad6109 //URI derived from pk == `rho:id:exunyijimapk7z43g3bbr69awqdz54kyroj9q43jgu3dh567fxsftx`

The questions to be answered are:

  1. Is the key pair unique for each contract?

  2. how is the URI derived from the pk?

  3. how is the signature computed?

  4. what is the procedure for signing/deploying such a contract?

Discussion items





Who can answer the questions above?

  • We have a knowledge gap and cannot answer these questions here.

  • Greg suggests asking Mike or Kyle

Action items

@Kelly Foster find time for Kyle to meet