2018-10-04 Meeting notes: review of CORE-1162


Oct 4, 2018


  • @Kelly Foster

  • @Rita Allen

  • @Michael Stay (Unlicensed)

  • @Pawel Szulc (Unlicensed)

  • @Michael Birch (Unlicensed)


Discussion items






  • This can be a command line solution

  • Wallet flags

    • Don’t exist yet

      • Short-leash deployment (look for ticket). This supports paying for the deployment. Similar to the bonding helper approach.

  • Listen on name

    • Not blocked by the planned short-leash work, RHOL-775

    • Exposed on the client-side API

  • Cost estimation

    • May not be feasible. Birch has an idea that it is.

    • Blocked by cost accounting work

      • May require API #3 TODO ask Medha if this is a Mercury deliverable.

      • @Michael Birch (Unlicensed) says we can expose this feature easily based on available work that’s complete. This work needs to be ticketed RHOL-934

  • Deploy a binary file

    • As opposed to the current scenario where .rho files are .txt files

    • Need the protbufs to support

    • RHOL-12 will not be done for Mercury. It will now be a storage shard


The user of the client software will have to have a wallet with a public key.

  • Needs specification from Birch or Kyle

    • Is this already available?

    • If not, it needs to be and a flag is needed

Command line application for use by users of the network

  • Connect to a node and to various things….

  • Do a deployment

    • Specify the code to deploy

    • Specify the private key

    • Pay for it

    • The work of RHOL-775

    • Specify the USER ID and timestamp -

      • USER ID

      • Is timestamp specification mandatory? No. Node could provide one as a default

      • This time represents “I don’t want to deploy this before TIMESTAMP”

      • Distinct by USER ID, timestamp, and code

    • Get information on deployment via a flag “--send this information back to me” or request info

  • Check on status of a deployment (provide ID and timestamp). Has it been proposed? What is the fault-tolerance?

  • Each entry is a code, wallet, private key, ID, timestamp

    • Code can be 1 or more files

    • Each entry is a separate deploy

How to deliver this

  • Does this live in RNode? No

  • Do we deliver this as a separate client so users don’t have to run RNode?

    • Yes. This was the intent of CORE-1162.


Part of the meeting was recorded to capture Mike Stay’s description of the app.


Action items

Change node so that propose is not exposed. Only deploy should be exposed via external API. CORE-1313
@Kelly Foster stub out ticket for M. Birch for plan to support cost estimation
@Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) for CORE-1162 users will need to have a RChain wallet and a public/private key set. Since users may not be RNode operators, is there an ability for users to generate RChain wallets and key sets?