2018-10-02 Meeting notes: release planning and test net updates


Oct 2, 2018


  • @Kelly Foster

  • @Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed)

  • @Tom Vasile

  • @Rita Allen


  • Discuss release process

  • Discuss specifics of the RNode v0.7 release

  • Discuss specifics of upgrading test net to RNode v0.7

Discussion items






Discussion about release process

  • See process illustrated on https://rchain.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOC/pages/44007462/Github+Fork-n-Beans+Workflow

  • Timeline for RNode 0.7 release

    • Sometime before Fri. 10/5 - @Tom Vasile to merge RNode v0.6 to master, tag a release RNode v0.6.4 off master, and archive the RNode v0.6.4 release branch.

    • Fri. 10/5 - feature complete on dev. @Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) to confirm with Tom to cue next steps.

    • Mon., 10/8 - @Tom Vasile to create RNode v0.7 release branch. Release branch to include support for CI and automation of artifact pushing same as for the dev branch. This also includes the automated upgrade of the release branch bootstrap node.

    • Tues., 10/9 - @Tom Vasile test release branch against test plan that @Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) will have added to the RNode v0.7 release plan

    • Wed., 10/10 - @Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) demo for RNode v0.7 during community debrief

    • Thurs., 10/11 - @Tom Vasile merge release branch to master and tag release “RNode 0.7.1”

    • Mon., 10/15 - @Kelly Foster push release announcement to relevant channels

Updating test net

  • No requirement to preserve the network during upgrade

  • No requirement to preserve the state

  • Process

    • Genesis ceremony to launch test net

      • Ceremony takes place Mon., 10/15

      • REQUIRES Berlin test net validator participation

      • REQUIRES documentation for this genesis ceremony. Need by EOD 10/11

        • Plan to do asynchronously over a period of time, 24 hours?

        • Set reasonable signature requirement threshold

        • SRE take down test net bootstrap by EOD 10/12

          • Wipe it

          • Upgrade to RNode v0.7

          • Keep it down until we’re ready to start the genesis ceremony on Oct. 15

        • Validators to prepare

          • Shut down node and clean by Oct. 14

          • Upgrade software by Oct. 14

          • Prepare to participate in the RNode 0.7 genesis ceremony on Oct. 15

        • GOAL is test net launched by Oct. 16 in time for RChain community test session

          • Plan for the test session to go through the RNode v0.7 test plan

    • New validators can bond using the faucet

      • REQUIRES documentation for using the faucet

      • REQUIRES deployment of the faucet after genesis

Action items

@Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) create a test plan and add to Node 0.7 release plan by EOD 10/5
@Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) confirm genesis ceremony for upgrade to RNode v0.7 with @Michael Birch (Unlicensed) by EOD 10/5
@Michael Birch (Unlicensed) to document how to use the faucet by EOD 10/10
@Michael Birch (Unlicensed) document the genesis protocol for validators to work through on Oct. 15 by EOD 10/10
@Kelly Foster announce upgrade plan to Berlin test net validators by EOD 10/5
@Kelly Foster share genesis protocol with Berlin test net validators by EOD 10/11