2018-09-03 Meeting notes: Working with the RChain platform



  • Kelly Foster

  • representatives from Reflective Ventures

  • representatives from DNA.fund


  • Learn about DNA, and how they will engage with RChain.
  • DNA has worked with other blockchain projects, such as EOS, 

Discussion items

Expertise DNA.fund team has
  • Exchange relationships (REV issuance)
  • Test net (advisory)
  • Write up for economics
  • Write up for validators
    • Key management
  • Validator operations 
  • SLA spec
  • Intermediary tools
    • Monitoring
    • Voting
    • DAC tools
  • Successful validator identification
    • Certification
    • (RCon4) meet your validator
  • Economics audit
    • High and low-volume sharding
Examples to look at
  • Metahash
    • Bug bounty
    • Hacking bounty
    • Hide financial rewards

Action items

  • Kelly Foster schedule a meeting for 9/6 to revisit and make a short-term action plan