2018-07-03 Meeting notes: sync on CORE-598 (Investigate doing less work in RSpace to report metrics)




We will use this time to address issues blocking CORE-598 (https://rchain.atlassian.net/browse/CORE-598).

Discussion items

  • RSpace team is looking for ways to optimize calculations for throughput (produce and consume)
    • Currently using --diagnostics
    • Going forward idea to more appropriately use Kamon and Prometheus to collect and report metrics
  • We have the flag --diagnostics in node
    • Diagnostics was not intended to be used for performance metrics
    • IDEA to remove --diagnostics flag (ticket)
  • Clarification - Goal is to move calculation of metrics out of RSpace
  • Discussion about using either spans or histograms for measuring events
    • For measuring throughput we need to measure events across time and attached to a point in time
    • Recommendation to use timestamp counters
  • Idea if Prometheus does not provide the requisite granularity, consider StatsD
  • Requirements
    • Today we need:
      • baseline measure of throughput
    • In future we can iterate to include:
      • Throughput
      • Peak

Action items