2018-06-07 Meeting notes: Rhoc/Rev swap




  • Follow up on action items from 5/10 meeting
  • Discuss next steps

Action items

Discussion items

Agenda itemNotes
Follow up from last meeting
  • Many more conversations and questions related to the swap
  • Now have web support to capture opt-in requests for future email comms
Discussion on next steps
  • Exchanges 
    • Patrick working with Reflective Ventures (Shahan) who are also cultivating relationships with exchanges
    • Next steps
      • Hold a meeting by Sept. with exchange reps to discuss the swap 
  • Crisis management
    • Patrick considering outsourcing 
  • Learning from EOS swap
    • Patrick learning about this and can share resources
  • Patrick having conversation with PR firm
    • Advice for a single-source of truth - strategy all tweets, emails, etc push to web site
    • They don't have experience with cryptocurrency launches
    • Cost estimate $7k/month
    • QUESTION - Need more information on how and what they do to offer news monitoring 
  • Discussion about comms timing
    • Idea to use RCon3 (T-3 months) 
    • Idea to ASAP launch page with what we know now
    • DECISION - 
  • Discussion about /wiki/spaces/CORE/pages/232587314
    • Need to set expectations around the specification what it is and how to understand it
  • Comms strategy
    • DECISION - localized comms for English, simplified Chinese, and Spanish or Portuguese (Patrick to clarify)
    • DECISION - comms should come from the dev team
      • Dev team to draft
      • Review cycle
        • Dev team creates
        • Nash reviews and approves
        • Patrick, Greg, and Kenny can review with a deadline. (Silence is consent model)
    • Video - 
      • Animation can work with the caveat that a live talking heads who are reps of the dev team and coop
      • 5 minutes
  • Kenny working on a project to develop a script to look for multi-sig wallets holding Rhoc
    • RISK - The coop should not be in the business of helping people ID how they are holding their Rhos. 
      • TRUTH - you should move your Rhoc somewhere safe, and according to guidelines to that your Rhos converts to Rev
  • Support
    • Need to set up ticketing system for support requests 
    • Requirement have a recording of all support offerings and record verbal comms to support risk management