2018-06-05 Meeting notes: hardware specification for testnet




  • Description:During this sprint Jeremy as a task (core-600) to review get a quote for testnet server hardware. We will use this time to review requirements with Nash.

Discussion items

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Review of test net specification
  • Physical requirements
    • Numbers for RAM and cores need to come from an estimation from the dev team (need to assign someone to do the estimation TICKET)
      • Need a calculation for determining bandwidth requirements (inter-region and cross-region)
  • Monitoring and datacenter
    • There will not be a team of NOC engineers. Dev team will take pager duty. Consider Pager Duty commercial service or recommendation from Jeremy.
  • Network topology
    • Incorrect - testnet topology only requires testnet infrastructure in US - Utah.
  • Comments added to specification doc during meeting.
 Next steps
  • Need to assign someone to do engineering for this (estimate needs, document tests, to propose RAM estimate and GB estimate) by end of next week
  • Jeremy and Nash to work together (1-2 days) to specify testnet needs
Testnet launch
  • Goal deploy mid-July w/ 1/2 rack of hardware
  • Need someone to be on-site at Pyrofex to monitor hardware during RCon3
Questions and concerns
  • Open question will we needed dedicated dark fiber to support performance goals of
  • Concern - need to manage expectations about what will be possible of validating with a cable modem
    • Achieving 40K transactions/second will require special infrastructure. This will not be achievable for most people on home-service cable networks.
  • Can expect to test against 1/2 rack of hardware in mid-July
  • Risk - It's unclear how the hardware deployment goes to achieve 40K transactions/second. Who is buying this? AWS will not support.

Action items