(archive) Storage.01 release plan


To release the RChain storage implementation as a separate library for use by Scala developers.

Done When:

  • Users can fetch the library as a JAR from Maven Central or build it from source. 
  • Users can read Markdown documentation about how to use the library.  This documentation will be published in the main {{rchain}} Github repository.
  • Users can read Scaladoc API documentation for the library.  (TBD: where do we publish?  GitHub Pages)
  • Users are able to store data into the library and retrieve the data by using the methods outlined in the documentation.

In more detail:

Out of Scope:

  • Storage functionality relating to history / blockdag / blockchain.
  • Operation in a distributed setting.
  • Support for system processes.


Tickets in the Milestone:

key summary assignee status resolution

Dev leadHenry Till
Program leadMedha Parlikar (Unlicensed)
Marketing leadLawrence Lerner


Start Date
Completion Date


Lucius MeredithCEO- CoOp 
Nash FosterCEO- Pyrofex 

Dates to note

Sprint 4 ends

Sprint 5 ends

Release from development
Merge to master, build packages
Membership demo

Public announcement

Launch Readiness


DescriptionResponsibleStatus/AnswerGo/No Go
Are we Code CompleteDev Leadtypically Yes or no
Are all issues / tasks in the project marked as complete?Program Leadtypically Yes or No, review issue list and obtain statuses on all items.
What is the test programDev/Test LeadDescribe the testing program (Create a page as part of this release for the testing program if needed)
  • Does the code build automatically?
  • Is the code in Source Control?
  • Have we merged to Master?
Dev LeadCode needs to be in GitHub and under Continuous Integration.
Are there any known issues or limitations with the product?Dev LeadIf yes, describe where the issues are documented
Are any of the issues potential blockers?Dev LeadIf needed, review the open issues for the version in question. If issues exist, plan to fix or document. Reschedule the launch if needed.
How is the release packaged and installed?Dev LeadDescribe how the release will be delivered to customers, how customers will install the package. (Maybe this needs to be a requirement specified up front.)
Have we shown the release to the membership?Program LeadPre-release demo of the release should be given to the membership

Have we documented the release?

  • Are there installation Instructions?
  • User Guide?
  • Tutorials?
  • Technical / API documentation?
Dev Lead/ Program LeadDescribe the technical documentation that will be delivered as part of the release.
Link to file issuesProgram ManagerHow will bugs against the release be tracked. Provide a link to file issues here. Also provide a link to query issues against the release here.

Customer Facing Teams

DescriptionResponsibleStatus / AnswerGo / No Go
What is the Marketing PlanMarketingProvide a link to the marketing program, and indicate if all items are complete.
What is the Support ProgramProgram LeadDescribe how users will obtain support for the product. How will the support program be staffed, what is the SLA for support.
Documentation ProgramProgram LeadDescribe the external documentation plan. Provide a link if needed. How will the technical documentation be exposed to users. What format will the documentation take.
MetricsProgram Lead

Describe how the success of the release will be measured. What are the KPI's - these should map back to the goals of the release. How will the KPI's be collected and published.

LicensingProgram LeadWhat license is the release licensed under?