2018-03-23 Meeting notes: Bringing CI in-house - decisions and action plan




  • Make decision on which in-house CI tool to use
  • Plan next steps for implementation
  • Plan next steps 

Action items

  • Jeremy Busk to focus on setting up Gitlab
  • Nash Foster to research the solution for plugin, with the goal of not having to write it
  • Kelly Foster to add work to Jira
  • Jeremy Busk send Ian to Nash to request Jeremy to help with membership database work

Discussion items

Tools for CI
  • Evaluation of Travis, GitLab, Jenkins
  •  Will need to integrate in-house tool with GitHub by creating a plugin
    • It's unclear the time required to create the plugin
  • Option - Develop on GitLab, mirror to GitHub
  • DECISION - Start doing CI on GitLab 
Issues at play
  • Dev team would like CI to work
  • Desire to support a solid, secure RChain infrastructure
Order of operations
  • Setup RCH GitLab in Pyrofex datacenter (git.rchain.me)
  • Write GitHub plugin for CI
    • What happens
      • GitHub announces the existence of a PR 
      • We need a way for GitLab to hear the GitHub PR announcement with web hooks
    • What's needed 
      • Research to look for 
  • Set up RCH AWS
  • Migrate RCH GitLab to AWS
  • Set up Zabbitz plugin for monitoring (software we have)
  • Set up pager rotation schedule for software (software we need)
  • Set expectations with dev team that on-call is coming
    • Light at first
    • Heavier going forward
Time to production30 days to implement CI
If the Coop asks...
  • We are setting up CI to run on GitLab
  • Today it's on Pyrofex hardware 
  • You can find it at git.rchain.me
  • We will move to AWS when you provision