2018-03-13 Meeting notes: branding of deliverable components




  • We will use this time to discuss ideas and requirements for coming up with a name that brands the RChain node.

Action items

  • Lawrence Lerner run the naming needs by the marketing team today, 3/13.
  • Lawrence Lerner, when names of components are set, they need to be trademarked.

Discussion items

  • DECISION - feedback from the community will inform the decision that the development team will make
    •  Poll pushed to community on 3/12, and set to close 3/17
  • What are the qualities of a name
    • Security, scalability, sustainability
  • GOAL - We want to have names for layers and components of the RChain platform that fit with the RChain brand 
    • Components that need naming and branding
      • Storage
      • Node - 
        • Not specific enough to be a meaningful Linux package
      • Interpreter - will be called Rholang
      • VM - already RhoVM
      • Compiler
      • SDK
      • IDE = Cryptofex
      • Consensus 
        • Casper
      • Namespaces
        • "Public name registry"
      • Gas
        • Currently Phligiston (sp?)
  • Names selected for components will need to be registered as trademarks
  • AGREEMENT - We don't want to have developers have a name for deliverables, and for marketing to rename later
  • Next steps
    • Ask marketing team to provide feedback quickly in anticipation of 15 March release