2018-03-12 Meeting notes: April dev conference agenda planning




  • Discuss the agenda for the developer conference (by end of this week)
  • Set expectations for locking agenda (by end of next week)

Action items

Discussion items

  • Need to ID speakers for 3 slots for senior developers to give a state of the project and discuss open questions
  • DECISION - hold these slots to speak to key components of the project related to consensus, Rholang, and storage layer. Have dev leads give state of the component and facilitate conversation about key questions.
    • Consensus & RChain state - Michael Birch
    • Rholang - Kyle Butt
    • Storage layer - Henry Till
    • Namespaces & Sharding - Kyle and Mike
  •  Public 2-day
    • Goals
      • PR for the platform
      • Address questions people have of working with technology
      • Present the roadmap
  • Idea invite Pawel to speak in (one or both) of the afternoon sessions. Kelly to talk with Pawel.
  • Captured thoughts during the conversation
    • "Here is where we are. There is where we're going. We're not going to re-write the architecture. This is what we're going to do for Mercury."
    • "How we're going to build it. Not what we're going to build" 
    • "If we can't agree on architecture by mid-April, we won't have a blockchain in Dec."
  • Public days 
    • Host 2-3 tracks 
    • Need to solicit speakers
      • DECISION we will release a speaker RFP this Wed
      • Kelly and Nash to create RFP for Cody to distribute