2018-03-01 Planning for Pawel's Scala dialect tutorials


Attendees virtual meeting


There is a need in the development team to align on a dialect of Scala. Doing so will help improve quality of code and efficiency of development and review. Pawel proposed leading a series of sessions to teach a dialect to the team, and for the team to practice and build alignment on a dialect. On 1 March, Nash approved this proposal as long as it can be done in a way that can be reused as new developers join the team. Achieving this will require recordings of the sessions, tutorials, and a style guide.


  • Plan a series of Scala tutorials
  • Prepare tutorials to be delivered with the sessions
  • Record sessions for future use during on boarding or reference
  • Create a style guide for use during on boarding or reference

Open questions

How many sessions should there be? I will have to think about the initial plan. But the agenda will be dynamic, we will be only covering topics that are needed and so this will be a living entity, adjusting to attendees.
How long should a session be?I think something between 30-60 min. I will propose a topic to be covered, will do a small tutorial that will be dynamically mixed with questions. I might propose some "homework" for people who would be interested with exercise.
What is the cadence for delivery? weekly? bi-weekly?I would start slowly, bi-weekly, so it does not interfere with my work 
Can we record in Zoom?Yes, we can record in Zoom.
How much time required to prepare for the sessions and tutorials?An hour, maybe two. Depending on the topic. We will be mostly covering existing code from comm but some prepration on "entry level" material will be required on my side.
What is the best day of the week, time of day to deliver?Pawel Szulc (Unlicensed)I guess evening Europe / morning US. 6 or 7 pm UTC?
How can these sessions best fit into sprint cadence?Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed)
  • In order to ensure flow during the work week, request that these sessions be held on Fridays after standups in the morning, or mid day. 

Action items

  • @Kelly on 12 March follow up with Pawel on scheduling of first session