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The purpose of this page is to surface documentation related to performance of the RChain platform

RChain release


Performance goals for Mercury

ReleasePerformance goal
Mercury 1.01,000-1,500 COMM events/second in a single shard
Mercury patch6,000 COMM events/second in a single shard


When talking about performance on the RChain platform it is important to have clarity on definitions of terms related to performance. We recommend reading What does transaction mean for RChain as a first step for learning about the language of performance on the RChain platform.

Comm event - The completion of a send and receive of a message over a channel in the Rholang interpreter.

How to measure RChain platform performance

As a development team we use a performance test harness to evaluate the platform. Please see for complete details on this testing environment.

When reporting on platform performance, we measure comm events/second running the Rholang contract intdupe.rho, a contract designed to create a large number of comm events on a wide range of channels, in the performance testing environment.

Related documentation 

Note - Not all of this documentation reflects current planning and is indicated in the title with "(deprecated)". We keep this documentation here to preserve the history of this work.

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