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  •  10/8
    •  Last week: ad hoc tasks, supporting cost-accounting, PR reviews (thread pools)
    •  Next sprint: RSpace performance, removal of sync var...
  •  10/10
    •  Working on CORE-1281(large task)
  •  10/12
  •  10/18
    •  Want to work on separating thread pool, blocked by CORE-1267
    •  CORE-1267 to carry over
    •  Approach for CORE-1228 documented in comments of ticket


  •   10/10
    •  Working on CORE-1301
      •  Ticket underestimated
      •  Will update in comments and not do an implementation since it will be blocking to 
    •  Reviewing PRs
  •   10/17
    •  Investigating what is slow 
    •  on a good track
    •  sent a doc to Lukasz, Yaraslav, to reveiw
    •  looking at smallest set to see what needs to be done to run faster
    •  needs assistance running performance tests (SRE) 
  •  10/18
    •  Finished write up for CORE-1301 and CORE-1054  - tl;dr its better to have an in memory store. Planning session scheduled for Mon with Łukasz. All documented in wiki. Next step to investigate implementation
    •  Missing bug on the board - Failure on CI related to block store. Plan to print seeds for generative tests to support debugging.
    •  All tickets to roll over




  •  10/8
    •  Stream API is merged to dev. Some minor work will continue in next sprint. Plan to work with Kent to port some of Casper to streaming API
    •  Planning on CORE-1162 done last week. 
    •  Meeting with Jack took place last week
    •  Focus of sprint to be streaming API, compression of packets  ported to stream, CORE-1162 work
  •  10/10
    •  Worked this morning with Kent. Moved broadcast to stream API. PR is open and Kent to review
    •  Worked with Sebastian on potential problem related to queues (CORE-1241) we have little opportunities to learn about failures in queues to tell Casper when for example messages are dropped.
    •  Working on PR with Keith
  •  10/18
    •  Compress ticket is done. Complaint that review process with Tim was complex and good in the end. The compress library will support other libraries (ex Rust)
    •  Worked on review of PRs for Sebastian. The need is now for Sebastian to write documentation
    •  Met with the team today for sprint planning. Time planned for this on the calendar
    •  CORE-1317 (stream API) may not complete this sprint
      •  Concern with Birch and Kent that they don't agree on the vision
      •  Client queue by Mon
      •  Retry is the part that may not be ready
    •  Missing issues


  •  10/8
    •  Last week: thread pool work completed for things that are obvious and required work to pass integration and maintain performance in stress tests
    •  Next sprint: message strategy
  •  10/10
    •  investigation on CORE-1241
      •  Strategies: back pressure, messaging of dropped messages, or unbound queue
      •  Messages queues on client side must be back pressured
  •  10/18
    •  CORE-1241 PR needs documentation to support developers going forward. Plan to do it on Mon.
    •  CORE-1321 almost done
      •  Will be a command line to allow users to choose this only if they really want to use it


  •   10/8
    •  Last week: dump functionality, type
    •  Next sprint: need to plan future work for dump/ELK
  •  10/17
    •  open pull requests 
  •   10/18
    •  working on open PRs (Core-672, core-684, core-791)
    •  CORE-791 requires additional refactoring. Will result in a separate PR
    •  CORE-1204 will not carry over to next sprint


  •  10/8
    •  Last week: PR in for Kamon timers
    •  Next week: continue work on documentation
  •  10/10
    •  Working with Pawel to get PR complete CORE-984
    •  Learning about Graphana



  •   10/8
    •  Last week: drone PR is open
    •  Next sprint: ELK, explore new project to support users getting state of the node
  •  10/10
    •  Discussion about OPS-322 and what toolset to use to capture logs
    •  Small fixes to drone
    •  DECISON will fully cut over to Drone and Java 10 after RNode v0.7 release
  •  10/18
    •  Made a Drone plug in on Wed because first one didn't work
    •  Wrote out problem with sbt build hangs in email to rchain-makers
    •  Missing issues (ELK moved to next sprint)


  •  10/8
    •  Last week: Java 10 work. Experiencing test failures and merging fixes
    •  Next sprint: Will need supplemental release to test push of release artifacts to GitHub release, adding new tests to CI, SLO work 
  •  10/10
    •  Working on CORE-1272. One PR done. May break integration tests for those running locally.
    •  Java 10 conflicts with migration to Drone. 
  •  10/12
  •  10/18
    •  Working on integration tests working on CI. Failures appeared on Wed related to challenges of being able to test locally before merging. Tomas set up another Drone instance to support testing. Integration tests now running in CI
    •  Java 10 migration - Now that the release is cut, we can move forward with shift to Java 10. Plan to test locally first. Plan to be done on Mon.
      •  Migration - should be a painless upgrade for developers and users to upgrade


  •  10/8
    •  Last week: RHOC script, latency test, homebrew
    •  Next sprint: release management 
  •  10/10
    •  Release work
  •  10/18
    •  Release work done!
    •  Refocusing on RSong CI
    •  OPS-307 blocked
    •  OPS-292 to carry over