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Discussion about release process

Updating test net

  • No requirement to preserve the network during upgrade

  • No requirement to preserve the state

  • Process

    • Genesis ceremony to launch test net

      • Ceremony takes place Mon., 10/15

      • REQUIRES Berlin test net validator participation

      • REQUIRES documentation for this genesis ceremony. Need by EOD 10/11

        • Plan to do asynchronously over a period of time, 24 hours?

        • Set reasonable signature requirement threshold

        • SRE take down test net bootstrap by EOD 10/12

          • Wipe it

          • Upgrade to RNode v0.7

          • Keep it down until we’re ready to start the genesis ceremony on Oct. 15

        • Validators to prepare

          • Shut down node and clean by Oct. 14

          • Upgrade software by Oct. 14

          • Prepare to participate in the RNode 0.7 genesis ceremony on Oct. 15

        • GOAL is test net launched by Oct. 16 in time for RChain community test session

          • Plan for the test session to go through the RNode v0.7 test plan

    • New validators can bond using the faucet

      • REQUIRES documentation for using the faucet

      • REQUIRES deployment of the faucet after genesis