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  •  9/12 working on locks and updating wide
  •  9/12 will be able to tell more on progress on Fri.
  •  9/14 OOO
  •  9/15 plan to merge Pos today. Plans for benchmarking to be complete by EOW
  •  9/21 merged fine grained in dev. Support is still in place to use older solution


  •  9/12 unable to attend
  •  9/14 implementation of fine grain locking that doesn't rely on monix, but not seeing performance improvements. Consulted with Birch and Artur on soundness of tests and it looks good. Need to check what 


  •  9/14 plan to pull PR today and create tests to validate
  •  9/17 completed CORE-1012
  •  9/17 team to review CORE
  •  9/21 unable to attend, dentist




  •  9/12 working on transport layer: move to code more suited to monix task
  •  submitted pr to monix repo and waiting for review and merge
  •  adds new dependency
  •  9/14 ASK did the monix pr get merged? No. We will need to choose another solution: Idea to clone the repo and make dev team contributors to it. Update it and add to Maven. QUESTION how would this be handled on the SBT side? Not an issue. It would be deployed in Maven central. DECISION agreement to factor out and create a repo for the gRPC-monix work (repo, collaborators, and add to Maven). QUESTION how does Maven update? Tag a new release and deploy to Maven. Sebastian will do on Mon.
  •  9/14 temporary solution copied code from GRPC-monix to rchain/rchain
  •  9/17 plan to create PR today
  •  9/21 spent yesterday investigating timeouts. Related to upgrade of Monix and CATs version (upgrade fixed a sleeping issue and caused another) This work taking place in CORE-1148
  •  9/21 CORE-1199 plan to finish on Mon
    •  Could merge function signature now. Will add to PR1514.
    •  Will work on overflow component in a separate PR
  •  Pawel to review PR1514 


  •  9/12 working on threading issue
  •  9/14 What does it take to get CORE-1131 across the board?
    •  Benchmarking of thread-pools
    •  (another ticket)
  •  9/14 plan to meet with Pawel on Mon.
  •  9/21 17 did not attend. Afterward said was not available for work
  •  9/21 unclear that any work on CORE-1134 has been done. Multiple requests after missing Wed standup did not result in any meaningful information shared with the team


  •  9/12 working on CI comparison matrix
  •  9/14 moving to Node team working on metrics
  •  9/14 backburnering core-984
  •  9/17 has developer doc written (core-1160)
  •  9/21 requested to add links of docs to tickets to support review



  •  9/12 working on CI comparison matrix
  •  9/14 Will start Drone work
  •  9/17 working on Drone, eta 1 day
  •  9/21 working on Drone


  •  9/12 working on CI comparison matrix
  •  9/12 plan to ticket work required to update graphana based on change in metrics port
  •  9/14 OPS-232 and CORE-1159
  •  9/14 improving test with docker implementation and plan to add to rchain/rchain
  •  9/17 Java 10 benchmarking in perf harness: not working. Lost work for yesterday. Found a process to collaborate.
  •  9/21 bugs created related to OPS-231


  •  9/12 working on CI comparison matrix
  •  9/14 need VM to support Drone. Will do today.
  •  9/17 validator bootstrap nodes added to monitoring system
  •  9/21 available to support


  •  9/17 working on onboarding
  •  9/21 finishing on on boarding preparing to join sprint next week.

Questions for next standup