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  • We will use this time to discuss desired outcomes and requirements for the testnet launch ceremony planned during RCon3.

Discussion items


Description of the event

  • Prior to launch ceremony
    • There is a known set of validators who have nodes ready to run and who can participate in
a validation of the genesis
    • the launch of the network.
    • The node operators have a way to remotely connect to their nodes from the conference, so they can view and approve the genesis block
    • Node operators have the node software installed on their machines.
    • Node operators have been provided the launch bootstrap node id.
  • During the event (on-stage)
    • Screen to show the following
    • Booting up of the launch node.
    • Sending Challenge requests to Validators.
    • Prometheus chart showing signatures coming in. 
      • Launch of the genesis block in the same way it will be done for main net launch
        • Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) is Kenny Rowe working on creating a script that will generate list of addresses and Rhoc numbers given a block height
      • Demos 
        • Transaction
        • Performance tests
        • Show the Rhoc/rev conversion
Requirements of the on-stage event
  • Goal - a dress-rehearsal for main net launch
  • Show creation of genesis block
  • Show the process of validator validation and signing 
  • Show Rhoc/rev conversion
  • Demo performance testing
  • 50-100 validators
Ahead of time work
  • Ethereum block height number and list of validator addresses sent to validators for review and sign (this validates the bootstrap node)
  • Address of bootstrap node made public to validators to connect Kelly Foster - we will keep the bootstrap node id private.
  • When they connect, handshake handshake, and are sent a request to approve.
  • If there are not open parameters, there is a risk of someone launching the network early.
    • Resolution - Distribute creation script (verify), inputs (verify), run scripts and validate output 
    • What do we want people to validate about the genesis block?
      • Correctness of Rhoc balances
      • Correctness of initial validators
Open questions
  • What does a Rhoc address look like? (Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) add as ticket for Node 0.5)
  • How does the bond amount affect the number of people who will be willing to validate? Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) is having this conversation with Greg. 
  • How does a validator show validation? Do they add a signature? Reference: 
    Jira Legacy
    serverSystem JIRA

  • What prevents someone from using the testnet Genesis block as a different genesis block.
    • What distinguishes the real one is that we produce the software (signature on the software package) that includes the genesis block
    • The authority comes from the dev team 
    • The verification that genesis block is through the validators (signatures)
    • NEED - figure out how to sign software and add validation signatures for Node v0.5
  • How much time will it take for testnet validators to validate and sign?
  • How much time will this take? What proposed programming should be cut?
  • Need a checklist of what happens
    • Private day and cere
  • Need next conversation to decide on process of Rhoc/Rev swap Kelly Foster to schedule
  • Medha Parlikar (Unlicensed) Dev team needs to verify Rinke's contract is correct and able to use as a block height calculator, or decide how to communicate block height prior to launch on the dev site
  • Michael Birch (Unlicensed) Need to decide what is a quorum of validators for network launch. Idea to set bootstrap node with a parameter of # of validators required to launch. Have a visualization of who has responded and how long to launch. Bootstrap node is the central authority that decides when parameters have been met to launch.
  • How is the casper team thinking about bonds and the economic parameters associated with the network? There is not a central place of authority for the answers. Nash requests schedule weekly meeting with dev team to discuss economic parameters. And then open the meeting to the community to get feedback and build consensus in the agreed upon process. (dev team = Nash, Michael, mike, Kyle, pm, and Greg). On-going process through main net launch. Kelly Foster to schedule

Action items

  •  See @mentions in notes above