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  •  Kelly Foster work with Steve to create a mailing list sign up for interest in Rhoc/Rev swap
  •  Kelly Foster create page on dev site to support Rhoc/Rev swap content
  •  Kelly Foster follow up with Patrick week of May 14 to find out what they learned 
  •  Patrick Maguire reach out to exchanges to test the waters for how they may support trade freeze at time of swap
  •  Patrick Maguire reach out to admins to validate assumptions about using English and simplified Chinese for swap-related comms
  •  Nash Foster scenario planning for phishing scams
  •  Ankur and Patrick Maguire think about scenarios for marketing and comms
  •  Kelly Foster schedule follow up meeting in 2 weeks

Discussion items

  • RHOC/Rev swap specification/wiki/spaces/CORE/pages/232587314
  • Audience - Who are we accountable for in our communications?
    • RChain members? yes
    • People who participated in the initial offering? yes
    • People who purchased Rhoc in a secondary market? unclear
  • Communications channels
    • Membership email communications
      • Opt in needed
    • SMS ?
    • Blog series
  • Opt in database
    • Yes, I want to receive email and/or SMS communications about the swap
    • Pyrofex to develop and maintain
    • Coop can share data from membership database if desired
  • Training needed for
    • Community managers
    • Discord admins
    • Telegram admins
  • Tech support
    • This is not a job for community managers
    • This is a job for a technical person
      • Pyrofex to own support functions on the dev team side
      • Support team to collaborate with community 
  •  We need someone to reach out to the exchanges who are selling Rhoc
    • They need to know when to stop trading
    • They need to know when balances will be frozen
  • Concern about language barriers
    • Likely to need English and simplified Chinese
    • Patrick to ask Asia-based admins for feedback on which languages to localize to
    • we want to avoid communications or processes that open people up to phishing attacks
    • broken record in the messaging
      • the point of truth is
      • never share your private key! We will never ask you to do that
    • Do not send any comms or publish web page until we have a clear, repeatable message
    • There is a tension to manage
      • Too early and we open the door to credible phishing attack
      • Too late and Rhoc holders miss the window (T-1 month)

Roles for this project

  • Legal reviewer - TBD
  • Content creator - TBD
  • Web developer - supports opt in database support, designs and supports web page
  • Exchange investigator - TBD (community?)
  • Monitor(s) for phishing scams - TBD (community?)
  • Community leads/admins - supports pointing to correct messaging
  • Tech support - Pyrofex dev team
  • Swap administration - Pyrofex dev team