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This document sets expectations for RChain developer forum moderators and provides guidance for moderation work.


If you are a moderator and find errors in this document or the need for additional content, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


What is the RChain developer forum?

The forum lives at It is designed to be the primary portal for people to ask questions and get support related to RChain technology and software, and to be a knowledge-base for all.

Who can be a RChain developer forum moderator?

Moderators must be members of the RChain coop and be willing and able to do the work required. This is a technical forum for developers. Moderators need enough skill to comprehend the types of questions the RChain development community have. 

How can I be a RChain developer forum moderator?

If you meet the criteria for being a moderator and are prepared to meet the expectations for the work of a moderator, please contact the RChain program manager, or via direct message @Medha on the RChain Discord.

Can I get paid to be a RChain developer forum moderator?

Yes! This is a job. Moderators are compensated through the RChain bounty program

Expectations for the work of RChain developer forum moderators

  • Review and respond to posts on the forum daily - Either through a daily cadence of looking for activity on the forum or based on cues from email, moderators must track forum activity daily. Moderators receive emails to the email address associated with their account on the forum. 
  • Attempt to reproduce errors - When possible, moderators should attempt to reproduce errors reported on the forum.
  • Create bug tickets - When needed, moderators should create bug tickets in the RChain instance of Jira.
  • Escalate to developers for a response - When needed, moderators should escalate questions that need a response from a developer to the RChain program manager. 
  • Let the RChain program manager know when you are not available to moderate the forum

How to get started as a moderator

Once approved by the RChain program manager, please do the following:

  • (get set up in the RChain bounty program)
  • Create an account on the forum - Be sure to add an email address for an account that you watch.
  • Create an account on the RChain Jira - Be sure the email address you use for your forum account matches the one you use in your Jira account.
  • Report your forum username to the RChain program manger, or via direct message @Medha on the RChain Discord, to set up your moderator status on the forum.
  • Read again the moderator expectations above and get to work!

How to create a bug ticket in Jira

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