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Rholang interpreter specification

Cryptography specification

Release announcement

RNode - 0.2.1 release page on GitHub


Start date29 Jan 2018
Sprint9 March 2018
Sprint23 March 2018
Release from development26 March 2018
Membership demo28 March 2018
Release29 March 2018

Development team

Marketing team

Marketing leadEvangelistContent owner
Lawrence Lerner
Kelly Foster

Release summary

Simple overview

This release integrates the Rholang Interpreter into the RChain Node and creates a Rholang runtime environment in the RChain Node, and introduces an encryption handshake.

Technical overview

This a RChain Node that can run Rholang smart contracts.  The Rholang grammar will be equivalent or better than the grammar released as part of the 0.1 SDK, which was released in January.  Rather than using the C++ Rosette runtime environment (as was in the SDK) to run Rholang smart contracts, this node will use a Rholang Interpreter to achieve the same result.  This node also uses encryption in communications, following industry best practices.

Metric for tracking success

Done when node integrates with the interpreter and executes an encrypted handshake.

What is special about this release?

The RChain architecture uses a key value store as the mechanism to house the machine state (Continuations), and this release is the first demonstration of that architecture.  

Are we doing something differently? If so, why are we doing it this way?

Processes that are waiting for input (for comprehensions) are stored in the storage tier. This architecture lays a foundation for consensus to be formed on the machine state, not just transactions.

Before these features were available, what were developers able to do with RChain?

Developers were able to observe the RChain node connect to other RChain nodes and pull and display metrics on local operation.

After these features launch, what will developers be able (and not able) to do with RChain?

Developers will be able to start an RChain node and use an encrypted handshake when connecting to peers. Developers can also run Rholang smart contracts on RChain nodes and experience how Rholang Smart Contracts express continuations (wait for input)

Developers will not be able to:

  • Use any functionality pertaining to blockchain, incl. history in the storage layer
  • Use the Cryptography library
  • Use any System processes in the storage layer
  • Concurrent processes

Description of release packaging

Release packaging includes:

  • Docker image
  • Debian package
  • RPM package
  • tar.gz file
  • .zip file

Where do developers go to learn more and get started?

Developers can visit to learn more and get started.

Where will bugs be filed?

Developers can report bugs on the RChain JIRA.

Where do developers go for support? What is the SLA? Who is on point?

Developers can post questions to the RChain developer forum: This forum is monitored and developers can expect a response within 24 hours.

What license will this be released under?

RChain software is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0

Docker image is licensed under GPLv2

JIRA issues in this release

Jira Legacy
serverSystem JIRA
jqlQueryfixVersion = Node-0.2.1