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From: Meredith Gregory <>
Date: Tue, May 8, 2018 at 7:29 AM
Subject: Re: Getting the Genossenschaft running - next steps
To: Ela Kagel <>
Cc: Kenny Rowe <>, Kate Gonsalves <>, Lilia Rusu <>, Evan Jensen <>

Dear Ela,

Thanks for joining the board meeting and answering the board's questions!
Also, many thanks for the quick follow up. i've reached out the Kenny (our
COO), Kate (our CFO), Lilia (our general manager), and Evan (our in house
counsel) to help move things along quickly. Here's a translation of what we
need to do.

  • Get and SoW in place to cover the budget for engaging Supermarkt. We
    have a template for that together Supermarkt and the Coop can fill in using
    the proposal and spreadsheet.

  • Make sure you are set up to receive and handle crypto (ETH, BTC, and
    hopefully, RHOCs) and then provide the budget using crypto. This is will be
    much to your advantage!

  • Get you a limited power of attorney in order to be able to act on
    behalf of the Cooperative.

i have a question about the translation of the by-laws and articles. How
will we be able to judge the fidelity of the translation?

Best wishes,


On Tue, May 8, 2018 at 4:33 AM, Ela Kagel <> wrote:

> Dear Greg,
> thanks again for introducing me to the board yesterday. It was good to get
> an idea of the people behind RChain and the topics that are relevant for
> you at this stage.
> I just wanted to quickly recap the next steps that need to be taken in
> order to get the foundation process started:
> - I need a written agreement which authorizes me to act on behalf of
> RChain coop. Could you set this up? (Please note that my full name is as
> follows: Michaela Ruth Kagel, born 27.02.1973 in Schorndorf. The agreement
> should ideally contain this information).
> - Thanks for sending over the bylaws and articles. We are currently
> reviewing these and make sure this gets translated into German asap.
> - Budget for the foundation of the Genossenschaft: Which process do
> you suggest for transferring the funds?
> - We are now starting to talk to potential auditing organizations in
> Germany, in order to get feedback asap.
> - After having the documents translated, we will arrange personal
> meetings with the goal of finding the audit organization that will lead us
> through the founding process.
> - We should arrange a call to clarify open questions and map out the
> task of setting up a governance model for the US and EU coop. Next week
> would be good.
> - As soon as we will have progressed, it might make sense to meet in
> person and to organize a workshop to collectively design a governance
> approach that really meets your needs and goals as a coop. Since I first
> need to get to know RChain and the way the coop operates I don’t have a
> generic solution at hand, but I am confident that we will be able to
> identify a mutual dependency-model that will work for both coops. I am
> happy to help facilitating this process.
> Our goal in this initial phase is to get clarity about potential risks at
> the earliest possible stage, so that there’s still enough time to opt for a
> Plan B.
> So, these are the most important things to get started. Please let me know
> if anything is unclear or if you would like to discuss open questions. We
> can arrange this anytime.
> I look forward to hearing from you,
> best wishes,
> Ela
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