Measure transaction latency for token transfer


Network size of 5 nodes
Network type: Docker network, running on the stress-docker
Node type: Docker nodes, 3 Cores, 8 GB's RAM
Transaction type: Token transaction

The test:

  • Re-use the token transfer test created by Dom and demonstrated at RCON3

  • Set up the wallets first. No need to measure this

  • Perform the token transfer.

  • The token transfer transactions cannot come from a single node. They must be round robin'd to all the nodes (can be chunks of N transactions each) , and each node has to perform a deploy / propose. This is similar to what Dom did.

  • Provide a total confirmation time for the transactions.

Metrics we need:

  • measure the time from deployment to confirmation (clique safety of 1)

  • Start time is when the harness is kicked off

  • End time is when the last block is measured to have a clique safety of 1. We can do this via the timestamp.

  • Take the average across the body of transactions.

What needs to be done:

  • if we run this on stress-docker, we need to make the following changes:

  • Replace the bonds.txt file with the one needed for the test.

  • Observe the total time from the first block is proposed to the last block is finalized.

  • Can be done via server logs.

  • Can be done via blocks?





Medha Parlikar


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